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We have a wide variety of customers.  Click on any and all of the links below which match your needs.  You’ll see how we serve customers just like you.

Who are you?

If you are a business owner with a phone system that isn’t meeting your current needs...
Today’s phone systems have features which support your productivity, your efficiency, and your customer relations.  Patriot Communications and Cabling LLC can

  • Assess your current system and determine what additional features it can support.

  • Upgrade to one or more of these features

  • Voicemail (from 2 to 200 mailboxes)

  • Auto Attendants which direct your callers to desired agents or menus

  • Music on Hold and Advertisement on Hold

  • Call Accounting - Track the total time spent on calls to and from each one of your clients.

  • Call Center Technology and Call Routing

  • Unified Messaging -  Send your voicemail to your email, and your email to your voice mail.

  • Provide a complete new phone system. To view our complete list of products - click here.

  • Install and troubleshoot your phone wiring – Whether you’re adding or moving a few phone sets, or adding a complete new system, we will install and troubleshoot your wiring and give you documentation that everything is working exactly as it should.

We also provide

  • End-user training for all  the voicemail and phone systems we sell

  • Voicemail scripting and recording

  • Voice mail programming

  • Maintenance for phone systems

  • Overhead paging, intercom, and door entry security, and link them to your phone system

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If you’re an owner or manager of a new business with voice, data and door entry system needs...
This is a great time to talk with us.  We can help you with the “big picture” and integrate all your voice, data, and door entry needs into one, well-functioning network. 

  • How many computers are on your network?

  • Do you need voice mail?  For how many people?

  • How can an “automated attendant” on your phone system support good customer relations?  What kind of script should you record?

  • Would an “Advertisement on Hold” feature help you acquaint customers with new products or services?

  • Does the size of your facility mean that an overhead paging system will help employees connect better with other employees and with customers?

  • Do you need a secure way to screen visitors and delivery people for entry to your building?

  • Would a system that tracks time spent on calls to/calls from specific clients help your profitability?

These are only some of the questions we’ll explore with you.  Your answers will allow us to design, install, and certify a network for you that will be completely in sync with the way you operate and with your goals for productivity and customer satisfaction.

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If you’re a business owner who is buying or leasing a new building and want to know if the existing cabling will meet your needs...
Patriot Communications and Cabling LLC can help you in several ways here. 

  • First, we’ll ask you several questions to determine your needs and identify the voice, data, and security features that will support your operations. 

  • Second, we’ll examine the existing cabling to see if it supports the features you need and if the cabling is functioning appropriately.

  • Third, we’ll develop a cost estimate for any required maintenance, changes and additions.  You can use this figure in negotiating the purchase or lease price. If you will be leasing the building and the terms of your lease specify that the lessor is financially responsible for providing or maintaining the voice and data network, we can assist you in talking to the leasing company about your needs.
  • Fourth, we will design, install, and certify a voice and data network to meet your needs.  You’ll be given a print-out that shows that all cabling has been tested and is functioning exactly as it should.

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If you’re a business owner who is expanding into space in his/her present building
Patriot Communications and Cabling LLC can help you in several ways:

  • We’ll identify where your voice and data line (your T-1 line) comes into your building.  Then we’ll install cabling that will take the line into your new area with full performance.

  • We’ll talk to you about how you intend to use the new part of your building and what voice and data functions you’ll need there.

  • We’ll identify equipment and service updates and upgrades that will cost- effectively meet your expanded needs 

An example:  One of our clients expanded into another area of his building so that he could rent office space to other businesses.  Each new business needed a phone.  We took a look at our client’s current phone system and came up with a solution that was both cost effective for our client and which would meet the needs of his new renters. 

First, we installed the cabling in the new office area.  Second, we provided the additional phone sets for the new offices.  Third we programmed the client’s existing phone system to offer several different automated messages, one for each of the renter companies. 

The result: 

  • When renters are not available to answer their phones, their clients still receive a prompt, professional response through the automated attendant feature

  • Our client’s receptionist does not have to answer renter-client calls

  • Our client did not have to spend any money on a new phone system!  We showed him how to better utilize what he already had

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If you’re expanding your business to additional sites, perhaps even out of state
Patriot Communications and Cabling LLC is experienced in helping clients expand to additional sites.  We will

  • Identify ways to improve the efficiency of your inter-office data sharing

  • identify ways to save you money on your telecommunications costs

  • Install cabling for all your voice and data needs

  • Certify that all cabling is working properly and provide you with documentation

An Example:
One of our clients is an oral surgery practice that expanded to 4 locations in southeast Michigan.  The offices were widely spread, some as much as 50 miles apart.  We identified and installed a phone system for them that allowed all calls to be handled as if office staff were calling from one room to the next – not several miles across the area.  The results:  cost savings every single month on their telecommunications bill.

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If you’re an IT management company…

With our 25 years experience in the field you can be assured that at Patriot Communications and Cabling LLC

  • We speak your language

  • We understand the importance of project timelines

  • We are pros, with experience in a wide variety of installations

  • Our Bicsi certification means we continually update our knowledge

  • We certify every installation and our customers always receive full documentation

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If you’re a construction company looking to subcontract installation of cabling and/or project management... Patriot Communications and Cabling LLC has worked on many installations as a subcontractor for Michigan-based construction companies and for out of state construction companies looking to establish a local presence.

Some of our projects:

For a national restaurant chain  

We wired their new store for voice, overhead music, and for several point of sale (POS) computer/cash register stations

For a national sporting goods retailer 

We wired their new store for voice, overhead music and paging, and computer/cash register stations

For a Michigan-based freight company

We wired their facility for voice, data, overhead paging, and video surveillance of office areas and shipping and receiving docks

For a transportation center

We wired their facility for phone and computers, video surveillance of vehicle parking areas, and overhead paging

For a 50,000 square foot grocery store

We wired the store for telephones, overhead paging and music, and cash register/computers 

For a new outpatient surgery center for a major Michigan hospital

We wired the surgical suites, offices, and lobby/common areas for voice, data, and overhead paging

For a major call center

We designed and managed the installation of a voice/data network which covered over 45,000 square feet and included 720 lines and 120,000 ft of cable

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If you’re a school system or a company that wants door entry systems for security or video monitoring...

Schools are rightfully concerned with screening visitors and limiting access to their buildings.  They can benefit from a Multi Path System which provides 2 way communication at doors, and remote “buzz in.”  A Multi Path System also provides features such as emergency call-in from classrooms, programmable class change tones and announcements, and the ability to use any telephone for paging, intercom and emergency messages.

Some businesses also need to screen visitors entering their lobby or receiving docks, monitor doors for after-hours delivery, or monitor doors which cannot always be staffed in person during regular business hours.

Patriot Communications and Cabling LLC has worked with:

A school in southeast Michigan

We provided 2 way intercom communication for external doors and remote “buzz in” entry for approved visitors.

A transportation company that shuttles veterans to local hospitals for appointments

We installed 30 closed circuit cameras throughout their business office, their garage, and maintenance areas, as well as 2 way intercom communication for external doors and remote “buzz in” entry for approved visitors.

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If you’re a homeowner  looking for a high speed home network that integrates all the family’s needs – including voice, computer, video monitoring, and door entry systems for security – into one, well functioning network...

Homeowners today appreciate the convenience and capabilities of an integrated, high speed home network. 
Features can include:

      • Wiring for phones and computers

      • Video monitoring of areas such as children’s play rooms, nurseries, and entry doors

      • Game box to computer connections

      • 2 way voice communications at entry doors

Designing and installing this type of network is not a job for a home electrician.  It requires installers that are skilled in working with the delicate wires that make up these systems.

Once your network is installed Patriot Communications and Cabling LLC will test it and provide you with documentation which shows that your network is functioning exactly as it should.

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